Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research

Wellbridge will be the first facility of its kind: an inpatient rehabilitation campus with on-site facilities and staff to research the root causes of addiction, and develop new and effective treatment based on that research. It will also be the first ground-up, purpose-built addiction treatment center in the United States since 1982, and the first ever on the Atlantic Coast. This will be a tremendous step forward for addiction treatment both in our region and beyond.

Our mission is to create a state of the art research center designed to investigate many of the biochemical, behavioral and environmental aspects underlying drug and alcohol addiction and its progression. With research based findings, this institution aims to revolutionize how we treat addiction; a harrowing epidemic in our local communities and across this great nation. By hosting the research component on-site where treatment is being provided, we can assess changing trends in substance abuse, develop new research to critically analyze those trends, and demonstrate evidence based clinical interventions – contributing to the general knowledge base of the addiction field and become a model for the future of addiction treatment.

Wellbridge is a joint venture between The Engel Burman Group and The Northwell Health System – the nation’s 14th largest healthcare system. Our research will offer the unique opportunity to provide the latest treatments to the millions of individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction.