Technology has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives. As an integrated real estate company, innovators across the development, construction, and property management divisions of Engel Burman are always on the lookout for cutting-edge technology services that will add to the experience and lifestyle of the residents in our communities whether they be the multifamily communities, the senior living communities or the assisted living communities. It is this focus on how technology can meet at the intersection of luxury, convenience, and safety, that has led Engel Burman to partner with the true doers in next-generation technology. Parcel Pending, ButterflyMX, and WanderGuard are just some examples.

Our Sutton Landing communities are built around active adults 55+ that rightfully demand an exceptional living environment, while our community at The Brix provides resort-style, luxury-living for people of any age. Both of these communities not only have a dedicated property management team who provide a plethora of winning amenities and services, they are also provided with a curated menu of cutting-edge services related to convenience and security.

Parcel Pending by Quadient is a leading provider of package management services and has a sustained commitment to superior customer service. It modernizes package delivery through its user-friendly app, offers private and contactless delivery, smart electronic lockers, and doesn’t require anyone to accept or sign for packages. In today’s environment, where many of us have transitioned from shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to online purchases, we are all receiving more packages than ever before. Relying on a service like Parcel Pending allows residents to be informed about, and control delivery of, their packages with a simple touch of their phone.

Another tech service being offered is ButterflyMX, a smart video intercom to increase security. Above all, our property management division understands that safety is a priority, and with ButterflyMX residents have access and control over who enters the community and its buildings. Brimming with cutting-edge features like virtual keys, remote door access, and a videoview of entries, this tool brings about the perfect combination of greater security with greater convenience.

As a fully integrated real estate company, we take enormous pride in The Bristal Assisted Living communities, and here our property management division utilizes pioneering technology to make strides in safety and security, particularly in our memory care communities at The Bristal.

Understandably, families who have a loved one in a memory care community worry that they will accidentally roam outside the community. To address this concern and maintain the highest levels of security, we have partnered withWanderGuard by Stanley Healthcare. Through the use of a smart wearable, the WanderGuard system alerts staff if a resident goes beyond a specifically designated area.  This ensures their safety and provides family members with a greater level of ease.

As real estate developers, we work hard to anticipate the needs of our residents and plan communities with amenities that will enhance their lives.  Our construction division then builds that vision into reality. From there, our property managers turn the exquisitely designed and built structures into dynamic, vibrant communities. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology helps us provide the unmatched service, convenience, and security our residents have come to expect from Engel Burman.