We at Engel Burman take tremendous pride not just in the results of our work, but also in the entire process from start to finish. Beginning with the initial spark of an idea through to the management of a fully finished, vibrant community or work space, we hold fast to our mission of providing communities with an exceptional space with which to live, work, or play. This is made possible because we are more than a real estate developer, we are a fully integrated real estate company. We’ve taken the major disciplines involved  in any real estate project—development, construction, and property management—and coalesced them into one full service company. By having experts from each discipline in-house, we open the door to greater agility and transparency at every stage, from the development to the build to the experience.

We like to say that being a fully integrated real estate company allows us to bring together the divergent and convergent thinkers. But what does this mean exactly?

First, we must ask: Who are the divergent thinkers? These are the visionaries in our Development Division. They are the people who are not just aware of the latest trends in real estate, they themselves are the trendsetters. The trailblazers. The dreamers. With an eye toward encouraging residents in communities like The Seasons, to live their best life, these innovators are constantly asking themselves: what details embody an exceptional lifestyle? What helps a person get the most out of life?  They are encouraged to push past what is and forge ahead to what could be.

Now let’s talk about the convergent thinkers in our fully integrated real estate company. These are the dream-makers in our Construction Division. They take our developers’ out-of-the-box ideas and make them a reality. Their collective expertise in every aspect of a build—from pre-construction and estimating, to engineering, to building—makes the team nimble yet steady. With an incredible industry knowledge base to pull from, this group of problem-solvers can be counted on to not just produce the vision, but also to ensure that it’s built on time, on-budget, and to the highest safety standards.

At every step of any given project, our leaders in these two divisions innovate freely, knowing that since it’s all being executed by Engel Burman, nothing gets lost in translation. The divergent and convergent thinkers come together, creating the essential ingredients for inspiration, modernization, and actualization.

The next piece in our integration model is our Property Management Division. This team is an integral part of the actualization stage of every project. They bring longevity to the Engel Burman name and a commitment to incomparable service. This division is at the heart of our outstanding reputation because they are the team that delivers onour promise of exceptional living. These masters of hospitality are also providing real-world feedback from residents to the development and construction divisions. This is vital information for us to consider when planning future developments and is another advantage of being a fully integrated real estate company.

Perhaps most importantly, being a fully integrated real estate company translates into better transparency with the community. Residents naturally have questions when a new development is being built, but division integration eases community interaction. When the Engel Burman name is attached, the public can rely on one source for information: us. Trust is vital and the Engel Burman team can speak knowledgeably on a macro and micro level about every stage of the process.

Development. Construction. Property Management. Each division functions independently and synergistically, creating an environment that is seamlessly adaptive, flexible, and responsive.

Lastly, being a real estate company designed for cohesive integration allows us to be the disruptors, continually reimagining the possibilities for all real estate development from residential to commercial, multifamily to senior living, retail and healthcare. Ultimately, this is what allows us to transform our buildings from being just another real estate development project into quality places for people to live, work, and play.